30 Days Of Horror Challenge Day 9: Your Favorite Survivor

While many may initially just think of horror movies and by extension a lot of books to be about scantily clad women getting killed in all sorts of ways, it has a deep tradition of the survivor who overcomes the odds with women taking those roles in defeating the darkness. A number of them have been iconic over the years and have lead to great success for the actors, especially since a lot of horror films are small budget affairs. Today, we’re talking about those who survive the horror films and who the best of them are.

For me, I’ll kind of lightly cheat a little and go with Sigourney Weaver from the original Alien film since it’s a haunted house in space by any other name. Her evolution in the core trilogy of films is strong overall and made for a lasting impression in that space but that first film always works the best for me because we see – like in many horror films – that while there is panic and fear it doesn’t stop them from fighting to survive until the very last breath. 

Bonus Question: Who couldn’t you wait to see get the pointy end of something in one of these projects as soon as they appeared on screen?