Best Treehouse of Horror Segment – Tournament: Round 1

Hey all, you know what we don’t have enough of here on the Avocado? Tournaments, Halloween-themed posts, and discussions about The Simpsons. Well, I’m here to fix all that, with a tournament to decide once and for all the best story ever produced by the Treehouse of Horror Halloween specials!

Now, I’ve only included Treehouse of Horror segments from the first ten seasons of The Simpsons because, c’mon, we know the audience here. You may also notice I’ve been a bit liberal with what I count as a “segment”, and that’s because … well, I had to get it to exactly 32 slots somehow.

Anyway, I’m sure you all know the drill. In each match, upvote the segment you want to see win; downvotes will be ignored. I’ll wait till the the voting simmers down, then, on Monday or Tuesday, the winners of each match will move on to Round 2. Sound good to everyone?

Then let the contest begin!