halloween candy

30 Days Of Horror Challenge Day 7: Your Favorite Halloween Candy

Spooky times are coming up at the end of this month as part of the larger world of horror with Halloween. It’ll be interesting to see which changes are put into place because of the pandemic this year but one thing is for sure – a lot of candy is still going to get moved. When you’re a kid, there are a lot of things you like to get but there’s always one that stands out. For me, it was always Kit Kat’s growing up as I just can’t get enough of the taste and texture of them all – though a 3 Musketeer always came close!

Bonus Question: What’s the worst candy you can get as a kid? Besides fruit or toothbrushes, we’re talkin’ candy here!

Bonus Parent Question: For those who have kids, which candy do you swipe from your kid the most?