Avocado Weekly Movie Thread (10/6)

I hope you like spooky stuff, because the next four prompts are going to be slightly Halloween themed. Don’t worry if you’re not a horror movie buff though… I won’t be soliciting those directly. I mean, just check out what I have for next week’s prompt.

The weather starts to turn cold, and our thoughts turn to all things spooky, let us remember that this is the 25th Anniversary of Vampire in Brooklyn.

Vampires have been around since near the beginning of film. While the myth has existed as far back as Mesopotamian times, much of what we have codified as vampire lore comes straight out of the movies. They go from being rat-faced monsters to dashing seducers to tortured souls to action stars. Everyone from Van Helsing to Abraham Lincoln has fought them.

They’re pale faced demons who have become metaphors for a host of different things… a strong urge to do evil to other humans that may or may not be held in check. It’s been theorized that vampire lore began with trying to explain away serial killers and cannibalism… and sometimes you can see that symbolic crossover with villains in serial killer movies such as Hannibal Lecter.

Today’s prompt: what is your favorite vampire movie?

Is it that icon of the silent film era, Nosferatu?

The classic horror film, Dracula?

Or do your tastes run more modern?

A vampire who walks in the day, perhaps?

Nic Cage?

Tom Cruise?

Next week: supernatural romance.