30 Days Of Horror Challenge Day 6: Your Favorite Horror Novel

Horror isn’t a genre I’m drawn to when it come to books but I’ve read a fair share of them in that realm over the year – though apparently one of my favorites (Imajica) is actually fantasy instead of horror. Stupid Clive Barker spreading his wings. Not a lot of horror books really make a big impact on me because I know I don’t go for the really disturbing ones and the older works like Lovecraft are just weirdly complicated reads.

For me, what falls into this category are the Anne Rice Lestat novels as it goes for that kind of classic horror with vampires and the like and expands on it. At the time that they came out, it was all new and exciting whereas everyone has borrowed from it now so it feels mundane. But those first-reads were just an utter delight in not knowing what was going to come next.

Bonus Question: What non-horror property do you read that you’d love to see take a detour into horror?

(yes, this is a carryover from last month, but that doesn’t happen often)