The Day Thread Features Dolls

A friend posted a list of horror movies that were released in their birth year (1987). When reviewing the movie posters, there was one I hadn’t seen and it was a movie called Dolls.

Travelers stranded by a fast approaching storm seek refuge in the home of a kind old couple. As the “night that seems to last forever” drags on, young Judy and her new pal Ralph must try to persuade her mom and dad and the other guests that there is something strange going on with the dolls.

The horror/fantasy film was directed by Stuart Gordon with a screenplay by Ed Naha.

My favorite part of the movie is the opening sequence where Judy’s stepmom throws her beloved teddy bear into the woods.

Dolls is currently streaming on Amazon Prime. This movie would pair well with Child’s Play, Puppet Master, or Demonic Toys.

Tell us your favorite evil doll in pop culture in the comment section below.

Have a great Sunday and enjoy the last bit of the weekend while you can!