30 Days Of Horror Challenge Day 3: Your Favorite Horror TV Series

There’s a lot of range as to what can be considered horror, admittedly, but that helps with today’s challenge as there aren’t a lot of really strong horror in the classic sense kind of TV shows. But there are a lot that play in that realm with a lot of good variety to choose from. For me, there’s one that still stands out strongly that works well with repeat viewings and that’s the original three-season run of Penny Dreadful.

That show just worked on every level, from the opening credits to the ending credits, in delivering classic ideas in new ways with a strong cast and a tight overall storyline that came together beautifully. This series was one during its airing that I was really glad it wasn’t something I could binge, allowing me to savor all that went into each individual episode in a big way.

Bonus Question: What’s the worst of the TV horror series that just failed in its mission?