October TV Preview – Network & Cable (Time At Last For The Alexa Murders People Show)



An ensemble comedy about a group of friends trying to stay close (and sane) through video chats as they share the highs and lows of these extraordinary times.

Starring: Ely Henry, Jill Knox, Keith Powell, Otmara Marrero, Parvesh Cheena, Preacher Lawson, Shakina Nayfack

Premieres October 1st



Silicon Valley pioneer Paul LeBlanc discovers that one of his own creations — a powerful A.I. called neXt — might spell doom for humankind, so he tries to shutter the project, only to be kicked out of the company by his own brother, leaving him with nothing but mounting dread about the fate of the world. When a series of unsettling tech mishaps points to a potential worldwide crisis, LeBlanc joins forces with Special Agent Shea Salazar, whose strict moral code and sense of duty have earned her the respect of her team. Now, LeBlanc and Salazar are the only ones standing in the way of a potential global catastrophe, fighting an emergent superintelligence that, instead of launching missiles, will deploy the immense knowledge it has gleaned from the data to recruit allies, turn people against each other and eliminate obstacles to its own survival and growth.

Starring: John Slattery, Fernanda Andrade, Michael Mosley, Jason Butler Harner, Eve Harlow, Elizabeth Cappuccino, Aaron Moten

Premieres October 6th


Supermarket Sweep

The classic TV game show is a fast-paced and energetic series following three teams of two as they battle it out using their grocery shopping skills and knowledge of merchandise to win big cash prizes.

Starring: Leslie Jones

Premieres October 18th

The CW


The series follows Massimo Ruggero, the charismatic yet ruthless Head of Trading at NYL, one of the world’s most important investment banks, and his mentor, NYL’s CEO Dominic Morgan (Patrick Dempsey). After Dominic appoints another colleague over Massimo following a bitter promotion battle, Massimo finds himself named prime suspect in a murder investigation. Fighting to clear his name, Massimo becomes involved in an intercontinental financial war and is forced to choose between supporting Dominic or going up against him.

Starring: Alessandro Borghi, Patrick Dempsey, Laia Costa, Kasia Smutniak, Lars Mikkelsen, Malachi Kirby, Paul Chowdhry, Pia Mechler, Harry Michell, Sallie Harmsen.

Premieres October 7th


The Walking Dead: World Beyond

A two-season limited series event, the series features a heroic group of teens who, sheltered from the dangers of the post-apocalyptic world, receive a message that inspires them to leave the safety of the only home they have ever known and embark on a cross-country journey to save their father–and possibly the world. Some will become heroes. Some will become villains. In the end, all of them will be changed forever.

Starring: Alexa Mansour, Aliyah Royale, Nicolas Cantu, Hal Cumpston, Annet Mahendru, Nico Totorella, Julia Ormond

Premieres October 4th


The series is set 15 years into the future, when science has made a discovery that changes the lives of everyone on the planet – a test that unequivocally tells you who your soulmate is. In a first-ever format for AMC, each of the six episodes will feature a different cast and explore an entirely new story around discovering (or opting not to discover) the results of this new test and the impact of those results on a myriad of relationships.

Starring: Malin Ackerman, Charlie Heaton, Betsy Brandt, JJ Feild, Sarah Snook, David Costabile, Sonya Cassidy Joe Anderson, Steven Mackintosh

Premieres October 5th


First Ladies

The six-part docuseries narrated by Golden Globe-winning actress Robin Wright, profiles Michelle Obama, Jackie Kennedy, Nancy Reagan, Eleanor Roosevelt, Lady Bird Johnson, and Hillary Rodham Clinton. Blending in-depth interviews, rare archival footage and cinematic recreations, First Ladies is a bold revision of each woman’s traditional portrayal, revealing how they were impacted during their time in the White House, and how their achievements fundamentally shaped American and global history. The series premieres with an extended episode on former first lady Michelle Obama.

Quick Thoughts: I like the concept and the idea of Robin Wright narrating it but it feels like they just picked the most obvious choices. Who’s going to tell the people of Julia Gardiner Tyler, who had a real Paris Hilton/Kim K vibe? Like she was a genuinely scandalous socialite before her marriage for allowing a store to use her likeness in an ad walking arm in arm with a man like a common streetwalker. Julia was also very much not interested in marrying a recently widowed President thirty years her senior. But then a cannon exploded and killed her father so she was like “might as well.” Don’t feel bad for Julia though. She was a hardcore racist who nearly got her house in New York burned down for flying the Confederate flag during the war.

Huh. I guess I’m the one who’s going to tell the people.

What was I saying? Oh, right. A lot of weird stories that could be told. Like Martha Washington maybe murdering a dude or young Richard Nixon driving Pat around on her dates or the general creepiness of the Cleveland marriage.

Premieres October 4th


Flesh and Blood

When their recently widowed mother, Vivien, falls in love with a new man, Jake, Natalie and Helen greet him with a mix of excitement, optimism and outrage. Each of the siblings has their own personal problems and when they become suspicious that Mark could be after their inheritance, tensions rise and relationships within the family become challenged.

Starring: Francesca Annis, Imelda Staunton, Stephen Rea, Russell Tovey, Claudie Blakley, Lydia Leonard, David Bamber

Premieres October 4th

The Trouble With Maggie Cole

When a radio journalist interviews Maggie Cole about local life and the history of Thurlbury, she gossips and embellishes stories about some of the community’s most noble residents. When Maggie’s interview is played in full, all of the guarded secrets, indiscretions and gossip changes life in Thurlbury forever.

Starring: Dawn French, Mark Heap, Julie Hesmondhalgh, Vicki Pepperdine, Patrick Robinson, Phil Dunster, Gwyneth Keyworth, Chetna Pandya, Jamie Talbot, Emily Reid

Premieres October 18th


Put a Ring On It

The series follows three longtime couples, with help from master relationship coach Dr. Nicole LaBeach, who embark on the ultimate relationship test. From week to week the couples are pushed outside their comfort zones to confront the question they’ve been too afraid to ask: is this their happily ever after? The couples will finally find out if they are truly meant to be together by dating other people, and in so doing they’ll discover if there’s a love connection they’ve been missing all along. Will they decide it’s time to go their separate ways, or is it finally time to put a ring on it?

Starring: Nicole LaBeach

Quick Thoughts: Did you know that Beyoncé is very popular and that giving your show the same name as famous song of hers will make finding information about it an honest to god nightmare? Ask me how I know that!


How To With John Wilson

 In a uniquely hilarious odyssey of self-discovery and cultural observation, self-described “anxious New Yorker” John Wilson covertly and obsessively films the lives of his fellow New Yorkers while attempting to give everyday advice on relatable topics. Building upon Wilson’s previously released “how-to” short films, the episodes take wildly unexpected turns but are grounded in Wilson’s refreshing honesty.

Starring: John Wilson

Premieres October 23rd

The Undoing

The series focuses on Grace Fraser, a successful therapist, and her devoted husband, Jonathan, and their young son who attends an elite private school in New York City. A chasm opens in Grace’s seemingly perfect life: a violent death, a missing spouse and a chain of terrible revelations. Left behind in the wake of a spreading and very public disaster, and horrified by the ways in which she has failed to heed her own advice, Grace must dismantle one life and create another for her child and herself.

Starring: Nicole Kidman, Hugh Grant, Édgar Ramírez, Noah Jupe, Lily Rabe, Noma Dumezweni, Sofie Gråbøl, Matilda De Angelis, Ismael Cruz Córdova, Nadine Marshall, Michael Devine, Donald Sutherland


Premieres October 25th


The Good Lord Bird

The Good Lord Bird is told from the point of view of Onion, a fictional enslaved boy, who is part of John Brown’s motley crew of abolitionist soldiers during the time of Bleeding Kansas, eventually participating in the famous 1859 raid on the Army depot at Harpers Ferry. Brown’s raid failed to initiate the slave revolt he intended, but was the instigating event that started the Civil War.

Starring: Joshua Johnson-Lionel, Ethan Hawke, Daveed Diggs, Wyatt Russell, Rafael Casal, McKinley Belcher III

Quick Thoughts: Comedy John Brown is a choice and I am so curious about it.

Premieres October 4th

The Comedy Store

This documentary series brings to life the legends, heartbreak and history created at The Comedy Store, which over the past 47 years has launched the careers of a breathtaking array of stars. As a Comedy Store alum, former stand-up comic Mike Binder spotlights one of pop culture’s great laboratories with never-before-seen footage and incisive, emotional interviews with some of the biggest names in comedy.

Premieres October 4th