Walken: The Elite 8

I’m still in shock from last night, so why not more shocking news?

First, you don’t even vote for Madonna, and now you dumped Duran Duran?!?!? What kind of Gen X people are you? A View to a Kill was no match for Batman Returns, losing 27 – 9.

The top 3 seeds continued to walk all over their competition, in double digits too. However, we had two matches that won by just a sliver. Sleepy Hollow beheaded Walken’s Oscar performance in The Deer Hunter by just 2 votes, 21-19. And Catch Me if You Can and True Romance were essentially tied until last night, when someone upvoted…. Walken’s OTHER Oscar performance. 18-17. Close one.

So, now we have our Elite 8. 3 of them are non movies, and for the first time ever, we have a Saturday Night Live sketch battle a Music Video.

I know who I would vote for. But who will you? Let’s find out!