30 Days Of Books Challenge Day 31: Epilogue

With the conclusion of our 30 Days of Books Challenge yesterday, we’re getting ready to move onto the next phase! We’ve had a lot of fun running the last couple of these with the comic book challenge, Disney, films, anime, and now this novels one. Next month’s challenge is already loaded with all thirty days scheduled so it should go off without a hitch. I’m really excited for this next one and hope that we’ll see a lot of you there.

That means it’s time to start working on November!

The plan that we’ve done so far and what we’ve got for the next few months, after which we’ll appraise whether to keep going with new challenges, is set like this:

  • May – 30 Day Comic Book ✔
  • June – 30 Day Disney Challenge ✔
  • July – 30 Day Film Challenge ✔
  • August – 30 Day Anime Challenge ✔
  • September – 30 Day Book Challenge ✔
  • October – 30 Day Horror Challenge
  • November – 30 Day TV Challenge
  • December – 30 Day Videogame Challenge

I hope that during the book challenge folks found some new things to check out and that we all had a good time with it!

Thank you for your participation in past and future challenges and we’re always interested in your ideas as well!