30 Day Book Challenge Day 28: Your Favorite Book To Read As A Parent

This one may cut out some of the audience but you can play the flip side as well. There’s a good bit of age range to work with here so you can hit up where you want, but as a book lover who has kids, reading to my kids was always one of the best parts of my day. Getting them comfortable with books, enjoying the experience, acting things out from it, all of it was a delight. I had a lot of fun with regular books that I would read when they were a bit older, but there was one series of books that we read for quite a few years because of the sheer fun of it that I had always hoped would instill a sense of love about reading.

Nothing made for the pure silliness and fun that came from reading Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! and some of the other books in that line from Mo Willems. It’s just goofy and silly and you get to overact so much with it while reading to your child that they get caught up in it as well, making each person’s style a unique experience for that family.

Bonus Question: What book of your “grown-up library” were you the most excited to see your child attempt to read and love?