Dr. Morbis is Back for the Cheetahmen II Night Thread

Oh, Dr. Morbis, you never know when to quit, do you? After producing genetically enhanced warriors and raising them for 15 years just to have them rob a random African village for you, you’ve now created a new sub-human to take down THE CHEETAHMEN…II.

Fortunately, beloved pop culture icons Hercules, Aries, and Apollo are having NONE of that, and must stop Dr. Morbis from killing the Cheetahmen before he kills the Cheetahmen. They will fight for YOU as they shout their trademark catch phrases. “Let’s get busy!” “Let’s sink some subs!” “Livin’ large!” (That reminds me…don’t look up “The Cheetahmen” on DeviantArt)

Sadly, the sequel was cancelled before it was officially released, but fortunately cartridges’ were found in a warehouse years later, making the game playable to the general public so long as they were willing to spend insane amounts of money for them on ebay. Long story short, The Cheetahmen were to video games what The Oogieloves are to children’s movies, in that they were a hilariously cynical and clueless attempt at creating a popular franchise without doing any of the work required to do so.