Dating, Relationships, and Sex: Optimism — Or Lack thereof (09/23/2020)

Pretty much what it says on the tin.

  • Do you approach your dating life generally with optimism? Or cynicism? Or something else, or a mix thereof, depending on the day?
  • If you’re in a long-term relationship, how was your general attitude when you were still looking?
  • Did you notice an effect on your dating life?
  • What has — in your experience — the attitude been of people you’ve dated — or tried to?
  • How did that affect your interactions and the outcome, if at all?
  • Was/is your attitude more of a conscious choice or just something which … happens?
  • Et cetera …

As always, anything else related to dating, relationships, intimacy and so on is fair game and welcome.

And of course, as usual: This is supposed to be a space to talk about intimacy and sex and relationships in safety, so don’t shame people for their kinks. But please also refrain from objectification and similarly problematic behavior. People are supposed to feel safe and comfortable here.

Have fun!