30 Day Book Challenge Day 23: Your Favorite Multi-Author Book/Series

I find books that are written by multiple people to be fascinating. Part of me can’t quite grasp how they do it, how they break out the work, the writing itself, the functionality of it. But that comes from decades of writing without a partner and never experiencing it. But I’m also a fan of it as there are some really great writing teams that have put together incredible works. It wasn’t too hard to pick the writing team here but picking the particular work was a bit more of a challenge.

Admittedly, I grew up reading the Robotech novels by Jack McKinney, which was a pseudonym used by James Luceno and Brian Daley to write those novels. And I’d love to put the writers on The Expanse here because I love the show but I haven’t read the books themselves.

Growing up, it was all about what Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman were doing. I adored their Dragonlance book series and the spinoff. I was enamored by Darksword and the twist it turned to reveal something larger in scope.

But the one that wowed me was something that felt like the greatest departure from their comfort zone with Rose of the Prophet, which still lingers in the back of my mind even having not read it for probably two decades.

Bonus question: What authors would you pair up to write something together?