The Tuesday Politics Thread

Hi Politicadoes! Art Cop Vandelay has gone rogue, or insane or something. So in exchange for doing last Friday’s thread and a player to be named later, this is the Friday Politics Thread on Tuesday.

As we continue to recover from last week’s sad passing of RBG, now we are also looking at a potential goverment shutdown if yet another Continuing Resolution doesn’t get passed. Which really doesn’t sound like a good idea for the party in power, but they have never, ever, had a good idea.

RoRo update: Well, she changed her name again. She is now referring to herself as Rosie (well, Wosie) with the emphasis on the ie. I, however, am too partial to RoRo and am not willing to give it up.

And that’s the news for Tuesday, unless Trump selected a SC nominee while I wasn’t paying attention (I also just learned yesterday that Sam Raimi is doing the next Dr. Strange movie! How did this slip by?)

Keep up the empathy, the peace, love, and understanding. Knock off the McSquirreling. Report the clamming. Friday rules apply, which means NO BEN GARRISON!

Have a nice day and the Friday politics thread will see you again on Friday!