Kirsten: The Results!

It was a fight to the bittersweet end, but the climax has come for Kirsten Dunst.

Throughout the tournament, we had several close matches, and the Finals did not disappoint there either. Both of our finalists went back and forth, but Eternal Sunshine kept the edge for most of the tournament.

I forgot to do the 3rd place Match, so I’ll just take the scores from the Final Four votes to decide that race, rather than create a whole new post.

Hopefully, we can find some more movie stars with as varied and as popular a filmography as Kirsten, who really seemed to bring out some avid fans of her work. I did send another tweet to her official Twitter, but, alas, still no response. IMDB has her only upcoming work being a Jane Campion film in Post Production, The Power of the Dog, with Jesse Plemons, Thomasin McKenzie from JoJo Rabbit, and Benedict Cumberbatch.

And we’ll start playing with our next Movie Star soon!

To the Results!

In 4th Place, with 25 Votes in the Final Four, Interview with the Vampire

In 3rd Place, and our Highest TV Show so far, with 29 Votes Fargo, Season 2

And now, the Finals. With just 2 points separating them, with 23 Votes, the Runner Up is……. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Which means, with 25 votes, the Winner of the Favorite Kirsten Dunst TV or Movie is…………. Bring It On!

All Hail the Cheerleaders!!!!