30 Day Book Challenge Day 21: Favorite Anthology Series

I love a good anthology series or something that’s creative in how it tells its tales. I had a lot of fun with the early Wild Cards novel series with its range of writers building a world and there have been a lot of one-off anthology books for some properties that I really enjoy. Sadly, the one I really enjoyed in my younger days is completely lost to me! It was a military style book that I think was in the late 80s and early 90s where each book in the property was written by a different author with some of them being short stories by multiple authors. I remember them largely having white covers with blue embossed logos and definitely military-style adventures, but I can no longer remember the name of it or any of the authors. It’s an interesting bit of lost personal history that I kick around in my head from time to time with a google search trying to figure it out.

Bonus Question: Which property do you wish had a proper anthology series?

For this one, I’d love to see something that takes place in David Brin’s Uplift world to explore more of what’s going on there.