30 Day Book Challenge Day 20: Favorite Book By Your Favorite Living Author

For me, the 90s were a kind of hard period for my enjoyment of media. We had some good shows in syndication going on but it was always a struggle year to year to see if they’d get renewed. I had fallen out of comics because of the market speculation glut that had happened as it was all flashy covers with no meaningful content. And I was focused, as mentioned before, on just reading dead authors as there wasn’t a lot of modern books that I found appealing.

What helped to set me on a solid path of discovery of modern and living authors again was Peter F. Hamilton. I had come across a copy of Reality Dysfunction, which was the start of the three-part Night’s Dawn trilogy (my review), and I had just fallen in love with it. It’s a slow burn start as it has to introduce a number of worlds and concepts before it comes in with the twist that won me over, but I really enjoyed the exploration of those worlds and characters to understand something that felt very different. It just had the right notes of pulp to it but also dabbled in hard science fiction as well, blending the two into this deliriously delightful sprawling piece that just kept picking up the pace as it races toward its culmination.

Bonus Question: Most disappointing book by your favorite author!