30 Day Book Challenge Day 19: Your Favorite Romance Novel

While science fiction and some fantasy is largely my wheelhouse, I cut my teeth on a wide range of books. Granted, I took only the SF/Fantasy stuff to school to read between classes but at home I had access to plenty of bodice-rippers and other romance novels that my grandmother kept unloading on my mother in the 80s. The covers were certainly interesting looking and this was, I believe, the period of Fabio covers really becoming a mainstream thing. I honestly can’t remember what things I read from that time but I know I read a bunch and then read more when I met the mother of my children as she enjoyed a number of them as well.

The main romance novel that sticks to mind, however, is The Notebook and that’s largely because I enjoyed the movie so much and wanted to see how it was adapted.

But it must be said that there are near-bodice-rippers within the fantasy realm as well as that genre diversified over the years. I haven’t looked at it in a long time to see where it is now, but I remember a lot of Mercedes Lackey’s novels, notably among things within the Valdermar realm, being of that nature and a lot of fun as it upped the ante and intensity of the stories instead of the usual chaste things we got in other books.

Bonus question: Your favorite erotica novel/writer

While I’d normally do this one up as its own piece, I didn’t want anyone to feel “called out” on it. 😀 For me, it’s long been Selena Kitt. She’s written a lot of things over the years and while not all of it is my thing, a lot of her early works are my favorites and I’ll always go back and read Babysitting the Baumgartners to get myself back in the erotica mindset.