The Friday PT Contemplates Flux

What does it mean to change? What does it mean to not change? Is there a difference between the two? Personally speaking if any jerk asks me to choose between two options, as if they are the only ones, I tend to think they need to fuck right off. So that’s why I’m giving you three options.

Makes me seem smarter.

Anyway, I’m taking over the sacrosanct Friday PT for a guest stint. Oh yeah, I should probably say it’s Art Cop Vandelay here. Things are in flux for me as I try to find myself a new place to live and we all need to roll with the punches.

So I thought maybe I’d come hard (Friday is a tough day of the week) and remind everyone of the fact that Donald Trump and his father were sued for housing discrimination.

Honestly the contrast between the father’s and son’s decor is pathological

But fuck, you don’t need that kind of reminder from a guy like me.

But maybe there’s another way forward. Another hard hitting post to honor the Friday PT. I never have any inclination to post pictures of my child, but RoRo has been an inspiration for the PT. And so in honor of RoRo I’ll present lil’ ACV

Don’t be mistaken: she gets the job done as a great hard boiled Art Cop

Otherwise, what can we say these days? We trade information and understanding. We prod ourselves to do more. We rejoice in the triumphs; we mourn losses. C’est la vie, no?

One day we’ll all be star dust again. But fuck these assholes in the meantime. Let them know where they can get some in the meantime. Register to vote. Get your ballot early. Find somebody to talk to (evenly, gently) about voting.

Don’t step on the flowers. Smoke em if you got em.