30 Day Book Challenge Day 17: The Book/Series You Want To See Adapted

Adaptations of books into film and TV is always a dicey thing but it has felt like things have gotten better and fans of the source material are allowing for a bit more freedom when it comes to adapting things, particularly since they adhere more closely in general but make accommodations for the medium differences and needs. There are a lot of things that we read that we think would make for a great film (or film series) as well as a TV show and sometimes it feels like it’s weird that some are being adapted. I’m still shocked that things are moving along for the Wheel of Time series, for example.  So we want to know what it is you’d love to see make the leap from novel to film or tv!

There’s not a lot I’m pining for since a number are getting made these days, and a lot of what I really enjoy are too sprawling and big for either film or TV and would be budget busters. There are a few Peter F. Hamilton series I’d love to see and I’m hopeful for a good Stars My Destination series, but in the end, I keep coming back to wanting a proper respectful pair of adaptations of 2061 and 3001.

Bonus question: Which favorite of yours has already been adapted but it wasn’t handled well or a modern update would be done better.

With this, I’d love to see the original Starship Troopers novel got some love.