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The G’Kar Day Thread (September 15, 2020)

As a companion to my thread from July, here is Londo Mollari’s frequent nemesis and Narn ambassador to Babylon 5, G’Kar. The Narn were a race occupied and enslaved by the Centauri, who only gained their freedom after a hundred years of armed conflict and resistance. Like Londo, he goes through long tribulations through the course of the show (including being captured, disfigured, and dressed up like a jester), and has something of a spiritual “enlightenment”, becoming an unwilling religious figure for his people.

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Babylon 5 ambassadors: G'Kar …

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G’Kar was played by distinctive character actor Andreas Katsulas (who was the one-armed man in Harrison Ford’s version of The Fugitive!), who passed in 2006.

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