Comic Book Review – Batman/Superman #9


Writer – Joshua Williamson

Artist – Clayton Henry

Atomic Skull is wreaking havoc in Gotham City. Batman tries to stop GCPD officers from opening fire and causing unnecessary harm to Atomic Skull, but the men fail to heed the Caped Crusader’s warning. Batman makes quick work of the men and Atomic Skull thanks Batman for saving him. Batman asks why Atomic Skull is in Gotham. The reformed villain tells Batman that, “he will try to hurt Superman by using you.” Before Batman can find out more information, Atomic Skull explodes, causing major damage to the city.

Meanwhile, Superman is en route to Paris for date night with Lois. As Superman lands on a hotel balcony, he greets Lois and she tells them they aren’t alone. A group of reporters and cameramen are hounding Lois since Superman revealed himself as Clark Kent. Before they can decide what to do next, Superman leaves in a hurry to check on Gotham City after his super hearing picks up alarming chatter. Superman helps rescue survivors caught in the radioactive blast, as two EMTs tell Superman that Batman was at the scene shortly before the explosion. A quick use of X-ray vision locates Batman under some rubble. Batman tells Superman about Atomic Skull’s ominous warning of using Batman to get to Superman. Superman tells Batman they need to find out who Atomic Skull was running from. Batman says they will and the first piece of evidence to figuring out this mystery is Atomic Skull’s smoldering corpse.

I picked up one of the new DC Comics 4- Packs from Wal-Mart and this was the first book I read from the collection. By issue’s end, Joshua Williamson reveals who killed Atomic Skull, but it won’t be until the next few issues until we get the why.

World’s Finest was one of the most popular team-up books released by DC Comics. In the early 2000s, Superman and Batman were brought back together thanks to Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuiness. I am happy to see another relaunch of these titans of justice and vengeance reunited once more. If you haven’t been paying attention to the main Batman and Superman titles, Batman/Superman does a good job filling the reader in on some of the earth – shattering events you may have missed (like City of Bane or Superman’s secret identity reveal). The first run of Superman/Batman did a phenomenal job of displaying the differences between the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel, while showcasing how they work well together. Sort of like a buddy cop movie with serious overtones set in the world of comic books. I did enjoy the wrinkle that the villain of this storyline will use Batman to get to Superman. This piqued my interest and I’m curious to see how this will play out. This scenario has been used numerous times before in previous comic stories (like Justice League: Tower of Babel) but I have a feeling Williamson will throw in a few twists to keep this tried and true story element fresh and exciting.

Next Issue – Devastation in Gotham City! Following the events of a massive explosion in midtown, Batman and Superman pick up the pieces to learn who rigged the Atomic Skull like a bomb…and will they do it again? All will be revealed as the horrific plan of REDACTED rains terror down on the lives of the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel!