Jeopardy! recap for Sept. 10 – encore from Jun. 11, 2020

Introducing today’s contestants:

  • Jennifer, a history professor from Pennsylvania, whose nose was broken by her dog just before getting a job offer;
  • Iman, a filmmaker from California, has worked with her mom since 2008; and
  • Zach, an attorney from Virginia, stumbled onto a nudist beach. Zach is a two-game champ with earnings of $44,600.

Zach dominated the latter part of DJ, scoring on DD3 and securing a runaway at $21,800 vs. $7,800 for Jennifer and $1,200 for Iman.

DD1, $800 – SPEAK LOUDER – If you’re increasing these units that measure the intensity of sound, you’re getting louder (Jennifer won $800 from her score of $3,200.)

DD2, $1,200 – PATRON SAINTS – St, Erasmus, also known by this shorter name, is a patron saint of sailors (Jennifer lost $2,000 from her total of $7,400 vs. $8,800 for Zach.)

DD3, $1,600 – THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES – This 15-letter appointed officer publishes the rules for the House & makes sure the reps abide by them (Zach won $5,000 from his score of $12,000 vs. $6,200 for Jennifer.)

FJ – MEDICAL HISTORY – One of the first recorded autopsies was performed on this man & revealed 23 puncture marks​​

​​​Everyone was incorrect on FJ. Zach only dropped $726 to win with $21,074 for a three-day total of $65,674. Even though it was a runaway, Jennifer decided to bet everything, costing her second money when Iman held back $100.

TV troubles: The players didn’t know the shows with catchphrases “Nanu-nanu” (“Mork and Mindy”), “Book ’em, Danno” (“Hawaii Five-O”), and most surprisingly, they have somehow managed to avoid “Bazinga!” (“The Big Bang Theory”).

This day in Trebekistan: Alex said he’s been asked where he gets the information that he chats about with the contestants. This strikes me as a strange question. Where else could it come from other than the contestants themselves?

​Correct Qs: DD1 – What are decibels? DD2 – Who is St. Elmo? DD3 – Who is the parliamentarian? FJ – Who was Julius Caesar?