30 Day Book Challenge Day 9: Favorite Book Your Significant Other Introduced You To

You can swap part of this out for best friend if that works better, but there are meaningful people that come into our lives and they invariably introduce us to new things. If you’re a reader, you’re likely connecting with someone else that’s a reader as well and the sharing of books and a history of reading is going to be a big part of any meet-cute or friendship. What book/creative were you introduced to by this person in your life that was your favorite or that you understood better because of their interest and talking bout it?

For me, I was introduced to Guy Gavriel Kay and specifically with their The Fionavar Tapestry work, which I thought was decent and interesting at the time. But it was the Kay introduction overall that got me as I was able to read their newest work with Tigana, which went into my love of detailed political/fantasy/magic stuff with all the bureaucracy and the like that most people dislike. I never went forward on reading more of Kay’s work but I thoroughly enjoyed Tigana and have fond memories for the time talking about his works and that first introductory one.