Kirsten: The Sweet 16

Kirsten Dunst continues to break records, as not one but two of her TV work move on to the Sweet 16. Sorry Star Trek, but you still did better with 1 episode than E/R did with 6 episodes.

I tweeted @KirstenDunst about this, so I’m of course, positive she will be breathlessly waiting the results.

No, seriously, I did.

We lose the first of the Spider-Man movies, but it’s the unloved 3rd one, which couldn’t get it on with The Virgin Suicides.

17th Ranked Small Soldiers takes a mild underdog victory, committing 16th Ranked Crazy / Beautiful 21 – 12. That was the only one that had any drama. All of the rest were Blow Outs.

Say Au Revoir to:

Crazy / Beautiful, The Cat’s Meow, Hidden Figures, Bachelorette, Wimbledon, Mona Lisa Smile, The Beguiled, Wag the Dog, Midnight Special, Spider-Man 3, Get Over It, Anchorman 2, Elizabethtown, The Two Faces of January, Anastasia, and Star Trek: Next Generation “Dark Page”

(I hate the new design of Word Press.) Who will make it to the Elite 8? Only YOU can decide!