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The Weekend PT Revisits a Contentious Election

Oh Belarus, you complex motherfu-

A month ago I will admit my geographical, geopolitical knowledge had a bit of a Belarus shaped hole in it. Since then, 2020 seems determined to make me (and apparently a majority of the world) acknowledge Belarus’ existence by throwing everything and seeing what sticks.

You want a contested election? Check. Lukashenko has been asked to resign under suspicion of the election results, though whether this will be enough to make him step down is unclear. Certainly a segment of the population is very unhappy with his dictator-like power grab. Sound familiar? Don’t worry, it’s not– it’s not like Russia is inter-

Oh goddammit, the Russian Prime Minister came in to Belarus’ defense, claiming the pressure comes from outsiders and Lukashenko can’t allow them to maim Belarus’ sovereignity and independence.

Which, sure, if that was what was happening then Russian Prime Minister Mishustin would have a point. But Lukashenko turned around and claimed the poisoning of Alexey Navalny was faked. I’m not sure Belarus has the global swag to have the best intelligence agency in the world (though, if I’m wrong, good for them!) so this seems a little quid pro quo-y… perhaps the opposition should try impeaching him*

*I don’t know if Belarus does impeachments, I assume not, I’m just still better about the last one.

Navalny remains in a medical coma so he has no comment. However, his doctors say his condition is improving.