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The Friday Politics Thread Says Goodbye to Summer

Hey Politicadoes! Summer ends for all intents and purposes this weekend. Although for many of us, no one will even notice. Climate Change keeps things hot, many schools aren’t opening due to COVID (if they’re lucky), and the rest of us continue on in a miasma of unbroken time.

Locally, today begins the great re-opening of restaurants and theaters (although my local theater shows no signs of reopening). 25% Capacity for all. I have no intention of trying this yet. We’ll see where things are in October. I have nothing I need to celebrate at a restaurant anyway.

The RoRo Report: She has started repeating the alphabet to herself when she thinks no one is listening. At least the parts of the alphabet she can say. LMNO becomes YOYOYOM, but considering she’s 17 months this is still pretty good, I figure.

Remember – no McSquirreling, which is all too easy these days. There’s nothing funny about Peace, Love and Understanding, so let’s do it! Just because summer is ending, doesn’t mean clams are, so point them out as you see fit. Upvotes are once again being eaten, if you find your posts being automodded due to a low reputation (i.e. 0 upvotes), you may have to create a new Disqus account. NO BEN GARRISON.

Have a great weekend!