30 Day Book Challenge Day 2: The Book You Recommend From Your Favorite Writer

Timelike Infinity CoverWe all have favorite writers but we also know that their best books aren’t always the ones that you want someone to read as their first thing. Sometimes because it’s part of a larger series of works, sometimes because you don’t want them to read the best and then be disappointed with the rest. When recommending a book to someone, if you have some care with it, it’s done because you want to bring joy to someone in the way you received joy from the book you read. So while I never recommend my favorite books of all time, I recommend around them as ways to nudge and move toward what I’d really recommend once they’re in the right zone.

For me, I’m a huge fan of Stephen Baxter’s Xelee Sequence range of books but absolutely love that they’re lightly interconnected stories told across megayears. This makes it easy to recommend various pieces of it, but I always start at near the beginning with what sets it all in motion while being a solid standalone book with Timelike Infinity. When/if that clicks, it opens them to a range of fantastic works, especially my favorite of his with Ring.

What book do you regularly recommend to people?