The Weekend PT Resigns for Health Reasons

Just kidding, I’m still here, but a world leader is stepping down from their post (and unfortunately it’s not everyone’s number one choice). Japan’s Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, is resigning from his current position after someone finds a worthy successor. His current term began in 2012 but he actually was previously prime minister and resigned before, so despite leaving the position twice he has still managed to be Japan’s longest-serving PM. He has not designated a preferred replacement to cover his final year in office. 

Many of his accomplishments in office relate to his nationalist and conservative beliefs, so it’s not 1000% heartbreaking he’s resigning, but he does appear to follow his country’s constitution and respect political norms, so in the year of The Bar is In Hell 2020, shout out to a real one. 

He leaves behind one political party, The Liberal Democratic Party, which is meeting this Tuesday to figure out how to elect his replacement. The short list includes the Deputy Prime Minister and a few other Shinzo buddies, so this change in leadership would theoretically not change much in the way of Japanese policy and world stage performance. However, again, 2020, so a Boris Johnson to… idk, Tony Blair? may emerge.