WW130: The Avocado Ends With You (Day 3)

At first, it looks like you woke up somewhere now but it turns out this was exactly the same bar as the day before. The layout of the room is completely changed. A banner is pinned above the stage which reads


Game Master Jam is at the mic.

“Welcome, Players! Today is going to be a real fun one I tell ya! We have a Tin Pin Slammer Tournament as the mission today. To enter, all you have to do is find a pin to enter.”

Someone in the crowd groans loudly. The Game Master looks put out by the receiption.

“Hey! Tin Pin is FUN. You know what? If we can’t find sixteen people to participate in the tournament today, then you’ll just have to face off against me for the empty slots. I’ll give each of the top three places a unique prize.”

A dark, smooth voice in the crowd protests, “How am I supposed to play? I don’t have thumbs. I’m creamy and delicious.”

“Yeah and I’m a very good boy with no thumbs!” the pupper in the crowd cries.

Mr. Mew shakes his fist in anger.

The Game Master taps her nails against the sides of her glasses. Well, that could certainly be a problem…

“How about this? If I’m in any of the top three places, I’ll randomly choose someone to give out my prize to. Does that sound fair? Those with thumbs, can I get a thumbs up or down for this idea?”

Those who have them give a thumbs up. The cake, the dog, and the plushie cat all nod.

“Well then it’s settled. Go find a pin if you want to enter. Once the countdown hits, we’ll get our Slam On!”

You wince as the countdown timer appears again on your palm. Well, time to go find some pins.

There were no deaths overnight. 

This is a Tournament mission mini-game within the standard game of Werewolf. This means you have until Twilight to find a pin to enter the Tin Pin Tournament. Hidden throughout 16 past threads on The Avocado are pins which are part of the bracketed tournament. To enter, you must find the picture of the pin posted and reply with “SLAM ON!” to claim that pin. Only one pin per player may be claimed. Once all sixteen available pins are claimed or Twilight arrives (whichever happens first), the pins will be randomly sorted into tournament brackets. Any unclaimed pins are applied to the Game Master. The top three winners of the Tournament will be awarded prizes. If the Game Master wins the tournament, one of the Players who was unable to find a pin to enter will be randomly picked to win the prize. The rules of the tournament are given below:

Tin Pin Tournament Mini-Game Rules

The pins to be entered in the tournament are the representative pins from each brand featured in The World Ends With You. Each pin will have one of the 五行 five elements associated with it based on the Zodiac sign tied to that brand.

  1. Mus Rattus (Rat: Water)
  2. D & B (Ox: Earth)
  3. Tigre Punks (Tiger: Wood)
  4. Lapin Angelique (Rabbit: Wood)
  5. Dragon Couture (Dragon: Earth)
  6. Hip Snake (Snake: Fire)
  7. Pegaso (Horse: Fire)
  8. Sheep Heavenly (Ram: Earth)
  9. Jupiter of the Monkey (Monkey: Metal)
  10. Pavo Real (Chicken: Metal)
  11. Natural Puppy (Dog: Earth)
  12. Wold Boar (Boar: Water)
  13. Gatito (Cat: Wood)
  14. Mithril Scale (Myth: Metal)
  15. Unbranded (None: Always matches opponent)
  16. Your fist. Fuck Tin Pin. (Punch: Always matches opponent)

Battles between two pins will resolve according to the rules below:

(Destructive Cycle) 1st element wins and proceeds normally:

  • Wood stabilizes Earth
  • Fire shapes Metal
  • Earth directs Water
  • Metal carves Wood
  • Water regulates Fire

(Destructive Cycle) 2nd element wins and proceeds normally:

  • Wood dulls Metal
  • Fire evaporates Water
  • Earth rots Wood
  • Metal de-energizes Fire
  • Water muddles Earth

(Generative Cycle) RNG between these elemental combinations. If the 1st wins, they proceed with Disadvantage. If the 2nd wins, they proceed with Advantage.

  • Wood feeds Fire
  • Fire produces Earth
  • Earth bears Metal
  • Metal collects Water
  • Water nourishes Wood

(Generative Cycle) RNG between these elemental combinations. If the 1st wins, they proceed with Advantage. If the 2nd wins, they proceed with Disadvantage.

  • Wood depletes Water
  • Fire burns Wood
  • Earth smothers Fire
  • Metal impoverishes Earth
  • Water rusts Metal

When the same elements face off:

  • If one player has Advantage, they instantly win.
  • If one player has Disadvantage, they instantly lose.
  • If both players have matching status, RNG is employed.

In the event that one of the top three winners of the tournament is daykilled, the prize will be offered to the runner up (i.e. 1st place is daykilled so 2nd place gets their prize, and what would’ve been 2nd place’s prize goes to 3rd place, and what would’ve been 3rd place’s prize goes to 4th place).



  1. Goat (formerly Sister Jude)
  2. MSD
  3. raven and rose
  4. dw
  5. hoho Player (Vanilla Town)
  6. Dramus
  7. Side Character Harrier Reaper (Vanilla Wolf)
  8. emmelemm
  9. Mr.OwnGrampa
  10. snugglewumps
  11. Inndy
  12. April
  13. sic humor
  14. Nuka
  15. Donalbain
  16. Grumproro
  17. jake
  18. Louie Player (Vanilla Town)
  19. Dicentra
  20. Art Cop
  21. Narrowstrife
  22. malthusc Harrier Reaper (Vanilla Wolf)
  23. Nate
  24. Longbox Jockey


  1. (None)



Player Faction:

  • 12 14 Players (Vanilla Town)
  • 1 Neku Sakuraba (Cop)
  • 1 Shiki Misaki (Doctor)
  • 1 Rhyme Bito (Bodyguard)
  • 1 “Beat” Daisukenojo Bito (3-shot Vigilante)

Reaper Faction:

  • 1 Conductor / Megumi Kitaniji (Wolf Roleblocker)
  • 2 4 Harrier Reapers (Vanilla Wolves)

Rogue Faction:

Each Faction’s Win Conditions:

  • The Player Faction (Town) wins if no Reapers (meaning Wolves or SK) are left standing at the end of Day 7.
  • The Rogue (SK) wins if they are the last scum standing in a group of otherwise townies at the end of Day 7. In the event of a tie (1 Wolf + 1 SK + >1 Townies) the Rogue win will take priority over a Reaper win if the Rogue manages to complete their secret mission.
  • The Reaper Faction (Wolf) wins if…
    (Type 1)  a single player from the Reaper Faction survives to the end of Day 7 & the Rogue is either dead or cannot complete their mission.
    (Type 2) the Reaper Faction makes up at least half of the player population before Day 7 & the SK is either dead or cannot complete their mission.

If certain hidden conditions are met by specific players by the end of Day 7, the special event gameplay “Another New Day” will be triggered.

Night actions are carried out in the order of the player roles listed above.


RP is optional, but appreciated!

Please try to make at least 2 posts a day. If you’re in a situation where you think you can’t reach that requirement, please notify me in your QT!

Do NOT Screenshot or quote directly from your QT. This will result in an instant mod kill.

Do NOT edit or delete any posts without mod permission.

Do NOT belittle other players for their choices or reasoning. Attack arguments, not people.

Emotional appeals are discouraged as arguments since we don’t want to guilt people for their votes.

All day kill ties will result in the RNG death of one of the tied players.

A maximum of 7 Days will pass in game time unless certain conditions are met by the end of Day 7. A new mission will be issued at the start of each day with a rotating mystery prize up for grabs. Only the first player to complete the mission will receive the prize. The thread will be notified when a mission is completed, but the prize and player will not be named.


Twilight is on Saturday at Noon PST. With 20 players in the game, 11 votes will trigger an early Twilight.

Here is the countdown timer link until Twilight.

My tag is @JamMoritarty:disqus if you can’t reach me via QT. If that doesn’t work, @lutair:disqus will be able to get my attention IRL. 🙂