WW130: The Avocado Ends With You (Day 2)

Wait, how did I end up back here? 

You wake up back at the same bar are before, but you don’t remember going to sleep. How does someone fall asleep and wake up standing up anyway? This is definitely supernatural.

The group around you looks smaller than before. Players are missing. Your head aches.

 – –

You remember running away from the angry red Noise symbols. But what else happened? Shit! And a Player on Player fight.

A Player you recognized as Louie walked dejectedly through the crowd.

“I’m dead and no one can see me… damn… if only I could reach out to someone.”

Well, if you count bumping into someone from behind ‘reaching out,’ then at least he got his wish fulfilled.

“Yo watch where you’re going man! Whatchu tryin’ to pull anyway?”

“N-nothing!” Louie backed away from the kid in the black beanie.

Someone yelled “Nah, fuck you man! I won’t fall for this shit again. I bet you’re a Reaper! With that innocent act all on your face n’ shit, I bet you’re tryina trick me! Man, I can’t believe you did this to us again you assholes. This shit ain’t fair! You’re gonna eat my fist, yo!”

The poor guy looked so bewildered. “N-no I’m not a Reaper. I swear! Oh shit oh shit oh shit oh sh–”

The angry beanie kid punched his fellow Player so hard they got Erased.

Who was it that got hit in the face? That Louie fellow, wasn’t it?

Louie Blue was Erased. He was a Player (Vanilla Town).

– –

Wait… there was another accident. Accident? Incident.

You were following someone you thought was a fellow Player through an alleyway between two buildings. It’s not safe to walk around a lone, even if you don’t need a Sync partner to use your Psychs. If either of you meets an errant Noise, you could probably help each other out. They were muttering to themselves about getting back to the bar and getting on that stage.

“The mic…” he said. “I gotta… I just gotta get that gig. If the Reapers think I’m funny, they won’t try to Erase me… Maybe they’ll even clap for me…”

Three figures in red hoodies and a man in a suit were at the end of the alleyway.

“What you’re gonna try to audition for us? Make us laugh right now funny man, and we won’t use these against you.”

Red noise symbols float toward the alleyway.

“Uhh… knock knock?”

A dragon noise slithered out from the symbol and dove straight toward hoho. Knock knock jokes weren’t going to cut it for this crowd.

hoho was Erased. He was a Player (Vanilla Town).

– –

A burning pain on your right palm brings you back to reality.

The countdown timer has started again.

Fuck that thing; it hurts like hell. First your head and now your hands. Does this ever stop?

There is no Game Master on the stage, but everyone’s phones in the room go off at once.

“I can’t.”

That’s it. A picture of a cat in a hat? How is anyone supposed to figure this one out?

This is a Find the Location mission mini-game within the standard game of Werewolf. When you find the comment in an old Pet Thread in which this image was first posted and reply with “FOUND YOU!” in all caps, the mission will be complete. First person to do so wins a prize.



  1. Sister Jude
  2. MSD
  3. raven and rose
  4. dw
  5. hoho Player (Vanilla Town)
  6. Dramus
  7. Side Character Harrier Reaper (Vanilla Wolf)
  8. emmelemm
  9. Mr.OwnGrampa
  10. snugglewumps
  11. Inndy
  12. April
  13. sic humor
  14. Nuka
  15. Donalbain
  16. Grumproro
  17. jake
  18. Louie Player (Vanilla Town)
  19. Dicentra
  20. Art Cop
  21. Narrowstrife
  22. malthusc
  23. Nate
  24. Longbox Jockey


  1. Goat


Player Faction:

  • 12 14 Players (Vanilla Town)
  • 1 Neku Sakuraba (Role Cop) (Cop) I’m sorry I fucked up. D:
  • 1 Shiki Misaki (Doctor)
  • 1 Rhyme Bito (Bodyguard)
  • 1 “Beat” Daisukenojo Bito (3-shot Vigilante)

Reaper Faction:

  • 1 Conductor / Megumi Kitaniji (Wolf Roleblocker)
  • 3 4 Harrier Reapers (Vanilla Wolves)

Rogue Faction:

Each Faction’s Win Conditions:

  • The Player Faction (Town) wins if no Reapers (meaning Wolves or SK) are left standing at the end of Day 7.
  • The Rogue (SK) wins if they are the last scum standing in a group of otherwise townies at the end of Day 7. In the event of a tie (1 Wolf + 1 SK + 1 or 2 Townies) the Rogue win will take priority over a Reaper win if the Rogue manages to complete their secret mission.
  • The Reaper Faction (Wolf) wins if…
    (Type 1)  a single player from the Reaper Faction survives to the end of Day 7 & the Rogue is either dead or cannot complete their mission.
    (Type 2) the Reaper Faction makes up at least half of the player population before Day 7 & the SK is either dead or cannot complete their mission.

If certain hidden conditions are met by specific players by the end of Day 7, the special event gameplay “Another New Day” will be triggered.

Night actions are carried out in the order of the player roles listed above.


RP is optional, but appreciated!

Please try to make at least 2 posts a day. If you’re in a situation where you think you can’t reach that requirement, please notify me in your QT!

Do NOT Screenshot or quote directly from your QT. This will result in an instant mod kill.

Do NOT edit or delete any posts without mod permission.

Do NOT belittle other players for their choices or reasoning. Attack arguments, not people.

Emotional appeals are discouraged as arguments since we don’t want to guilt people for their votes.

All day kill ties will result in the RNG death of one of the tied players.

A maximum of 7 Days will pass in game time unless certain conditions are met by the end of Day 7. A new mission will be issued at the start of each day with a rotating mystery prize up for grabs. Only the first player to complete the mission will receive the prize. The thread will be notified when a mission is completed, but the prize and player will not be named.


Twilight is on Wednesday at 7PM PST. With 21 players in the game, 11 votes will trigger an early Twilight.

Here is the countdown timer link until Twilight.

My tag is @JamMoritarty:disqus if you can’t reach me via QT. If that doesn’t work, @lutair:disqus will be able to get my attention IRL. 🙂