30 Days Of Anime Challenge Day 19: Your Favorite Anime Feature Film

While we looked at Studio Ghibli movies specifically before, for this day we want to find out what your favorite anime film is overall. Anime films are just as varied as anything out of Hollywood and while I was mostly exposed to things like Wicked City and Vampire Hunter D in my early days in the late 80s, it was the release of two films that changed my course with anime completely. The first was Urusei Yatsura: Beautiful Dreamer as that made me a slavish fan of that property forever more. But the release of the Kimagure Orange Road Movie: I Want To Return To That Day was the piece that moved me and made me realize that anime films could be so much more.

The culmination of a larger storyline, real emotions, real changes to the character dynamic, real pain being felt by them, and beautiful animation tied to some strikingly haunting music.

I also wrote a full thirty years later retrospective of it here.

What’s your favorite film?