The Pixar Tournament – Final Results

It’s finally time to announce the final results of the Pixar Film Tournament.

Being crowned champion after a 70-45 victory in the final is WALLE


I don’t believe there was any film that was the most obvious winner of this tournament, and  WALLwas right in the middle of the pack in our preliminary round, close to the top in votes but not looking like a top choice. I think the film is a little less hailed today than it was upon release – but still, it was a critically acclaimed film that many maintain affection for. While not my top choice, I do consider it a satisfying champion for this tournament.

Losing the final decisively, but still coming in a surprisingly strong second in this tournament is Coco.

t-coco-movie-making-of-opener (1)

I definetly did not expect Coco to perform so strongly in this tournament. One of the factors I believed would go against it was how new it is – I assumed people would more strongly go to bat for the older classics people feel nostalgia for. While I don’t doubt people genuinely hold this film in high regard (and I believe it’s very good as well, though again, not my personal choice for this high a ranking), I wonder if maybe being the most beloved Pixar film actually helped it thanks to it being much fresher in people’s minds?

Finally, besting Brad Bird’s other beloved Pixar film for Bronze Medal is The Incredibles


I think the The Incredibles was a very serious contender to win this tournament all the way, having being top the top vote getter in early rounds and having to take out heavy hitter Inside Out to advance. I’m happy for a Brad Bird film to have finished in the Top 3 (though I personally would have preferred the other one) but I admit I was glad to not see The Incredibles win it all. I feel like it stands out a bit among Pixar’s filmography – being less of a heart string puller and more of a heart beat rusher – so I don’t quite believe it would have been a good a representative of Pixar’s overall identity as Wall-E is.

Thanks everyone for your participation in this tournament, I think it created a lot of healthy discussions about Pixar’s filmography so I’m happy with how it went. As always feel free to comment your elation or frustration with the results below. You can check how the whole tournament played out with the Bracket here.