Shoeless Trivia: Bicentennial

It’s less significant here, but this is my 200th one of these on my original blog.

  1. Superbowl X, played on January 18, 1976, was the first Superbowl played between two previous winners. Name either of those teams.
  2. What U.S. President’s face is depicted on the opposite side of the silver dollar coin seen here?strivia200_1
  3. Philadelphia’s significance to the Bicentennial extended to the film industry, as the city was a key setting for what highest grossing movie of 1976?
  4. The clip below features excerpts from two of the top ten songs 1976 according to the Billboard Hot 100. What is the sum of the two numbers mentioned in the songs’ lyrics? The answer is a three digit number.
  5. The sculpture seen below was given to the United States by Spain as a bicentennial gift. What fictional horse does it depict?strivia200_2

[spoiler title=Answers]

  1. Pittsburgh Steelers, Dallas Cowboys
  2. Dwight D. Eisenhower
  3. Rocky
  4. 113
  5. Rocinante