30 Days Of Anime Challenge Day 18: Shows Ruined By Filler

The eighteenth day of the 30 day challenge involves a very simple task. Pick out a scene from a filler episode you hated. That’s way too specific for most people, though if you want to go with that you can. We’re just going to ask what show was ruined by filler or recap episodes that killed the flow of things.

But yeah. This guy. This series. Right here.

He’s my nemesis. I’m still shocked that I enjoy Naruto and Naruto: Shippuden as much as I do, particularly as I despised the first six volumes of the manga that I read, but I’d become quite a fan of the show over the years in reviewing it, first as DVD sets and then as simulcasts. But this series really makes you work at it when it diverges to anime-original filler material because it has a penchant for going back to Naruto’s younger days when I really really really did not like the character at all. Considering the size of the cast and the scope of the world, they have so many more options. But some fans really like L’il Naruto and they keep doing it since it’s quick and easy to do. And unfortunately fills up his youth with so many adventures that it feels like he’s gotta be in his sixties by the time we get to the present day storyline.

So yes. I hate Naruto fillers that involve the youth of the lead character. With a passion. And toward the end of Shippuden before it started dealing with the final storyline itself, it nearly killed my interest in it entirely.