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The Weekend PT Tributes the Mail

I really wanted to open this with a link to the “We Just Got a Letter” Song from Blues Clues but it’s all memes. I mean, some of them were pretty good memes, but this is a Serious Issue. While there’s no post on Sundays, there may soon be no post anywhere. As the girlfriend of a small business owner who frequently does package runs, the effects of interrupting and sabotaging mail service will be felt on every level of the American economy, from small businesses to oh yeah, DEMOCRACY. Gonna be pretty hard to get medicines delivered in a pandemic with no mail. And while reports of sorting machines being damaged and destroyed are making the viral rounds, Susan Collins is on the case with a letter, pretending she doesn’t live on the same planet to have heard Trump straight up admit exactly why the new postmaster general wants to be the last postmaster general. Disinformation about voting by mail and the constitutional requirements of having a post office is filling facebook, spread by (at least on my feed) the same rural Republicans WHO BENEFIT FROM THE USPS THE MOST. A tweet I saw this morning compared the 50 cent current rate to the $14 they would have to spend on the next cheapest option should the USPS fail. So, with that in mind, I thought the best use of my space this weekend would be to implore those of us who are still living in the American nightmare of 2020 spend a few moments this week to help save the post office. For those of you accustomed to reaching out to your representatives, you know the drill, but if you’re new to political action several campaigns are currently being run to provide form letters and dialogues to read on phone calls. Here is the one I used, because I have the social anxiety of the Loch Ness Monster.

Many democrat reps are already on it, as I believe a couple libertarians. However, pressuring them to take MORE action and keep up pressure is still a decent use of time. If your representation happens to be Republican, I am… so so sorry.

And I know this can make things seem hopeless and depressing as hell, and this may be the most blatant and dictorial act of facism in the US in my life (I am still pretty young so who’s to say) but there are a lot more of us than there are of them. The post office shouldn’t be partisan as it’s one of the great equalizers of America. We can put up a fight here and ensure continued access for everyone.