The Pixar Film Tournament – Finals

Welcome to the Finals of the Pixar Tournament, where two films will go head to head for the Grand Prize of being the Avocado’s favorite Pixar Film, and two more will face off for the consolatory bronze medal. You may view the bracket here.

First Place Matchup

Coco, directed by Lee Unkrich, would likely not have been identified as a top contender at the beginning of this tournament. But it has pulled off a run to the finish, with supporters being mesmerized by its depiction of the Underworld and moved by its exploration of our relationships with the loved ones who have passed beyond.

Wall·E, directed by Andrew Stanton, takes up the other side of this grand finale. Supporters point to the boldness of an opening an animated movie with a segment as quiet and thoughtful as Wall·E’s lonely life on Earth, and the pure Pixar magic of having us invested in a romance between two robots of limited communication skills.

Third Place Matchup (AKA the Brad Bird Bash)

The Incredibles, the first of the two Brad Bird features here, remains a debate subject for it themes, but that did not get in the way of it making it here. The power of animation delivers fun superheroics in a way Live-Action films just can’t, and supporters see its take on vigilantes as an idealistic challenge to a world grown cynical.

Ratatouille, also from Brad Bird, explores arguably similar themes. It uses the beautiful city of Paris as the backdrop to the story of an artist up against society, reaching a powerful thesis statement on the potential of the gifted to come from anywhere.

Vote on these matches below, and as always, please discuss your picks. Thanks to everyone who’s participated in the tournament discourse. I will post the final wrap up post on Monday, so you will have through the weekend to vote if you wish.