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The Meg White Day Thread (August 5, 2020)

Meg White is awesome. She picked up a set of drumsticks one day in 1997 and formed the White Stripes with Jack, and then in 2007 when she didn’t want to do it any more, she stopped. Suffering from anxiety she told Ben Blackwell after a gig in Southaven, Mississippi, that, “This is the last White Stripes show.” When he asked, “You mean, like, of the tour?” She replied: “No. I think this is the last show, period.”

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Meg White rocks! #thewhitestripes

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The White Stripes are pretty much the only band remaining that I’d want to see live. I was definitely going to get a ticket for their world tour in 2007, but it was of course cancelled. I doubt they’ll play together again but I don’t really care, as long as Meg is happy doing whatever she’s doing.

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