Jeopardy! recap for Aug. 5 – encore from May 3, 2002

Let’s meet today’s contestants for day three of the Jeopardy! $1,000,000 Masters Tournament:

  • Eric Newhouse, a director of technical assistance from Vermillion, South Dakota;
  • Leslie Frates, a Spanish teacher from Hayward, California; and
  • Chuck Forrest, a lawyer and CEO from London, United Kingdom.

Leslie was very impressive in DJ, taking the lead on DD3 and extending it into FJ with $21,700 vs. $16,000 for Chuck and $10,000 for Eric.

DD1, $600 – MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS – This fast-food chain got its name from a character in “The French Connection” (Chuck won $1,000 from his score of $5,200.)

DD2, $1,600 – KING ME – He was deposed by the Bavarian government in 1886; must’ve made him really “Mad” (Eric won $3,000 on a true DD.)

DD3, $1,200 – “C” IN SCIENCE – In an experiment, it’s the “group” of people not receiving the treatment under study (Leslie won $2,500 from her total of $10,400 vs. $12,800 for Chuck.)

FJ – FAMOUS SHIPS – In 1999 the wreck of this ship, known for its historic 1912 rescue effort, was discovered 120 miles off England

Everyone was correct on FJ. Chuck decided to go big, doubling up to $32,000. This was good for the win when Leslie, feeling she was already in great shape for a wild card, chose to bet only $300 to finish at $22,000. That puts Leslie in the wild card lead ahead of Eric, who doubled to $20,000.

Clue selection strategy: Chuck opened the game with a run that demonstrated the “Forrest Bounce”, moving between categories while still going top-down within those categories. Then to open DJ, Eric started at the bottom of a category, asking for the “$1,000 clue”, as this was his first appearance since clue values were doubled.

This day in Trebekistan: In the “Classic TV” category, Alex accepted Leslie’s response of “The Night Stalker”, providing the first word in the title of the Darren McGavin series “Kolchak” himself. “The Night Stalker” was the title of the TV movie that introduced the character, but not the full title of the series.

Correct Qs: DD1 – What is Popeyes? DD2 – Who was Ludwig II? DD3 – What is control group? FJ – What is the Carpathia?