Shoeless Trivia: Classics

It’s all Greek to me! Except for the parts that are Roman.

  1. What fluvial English idiom refers to the same event as, but is not a translation of, the Latin “Alea iacta est”?
  2. Name both of the prominent Greeks represented in the Rembrandt painting seen below.strivia198_1
  3. The name Lesbia is not, as you might expect, associated with the Greek Sappho but with what Roman poet of neoteric verse who used it as a pseudonym for his lover Clodia?
  4. Polynices, Amphiaraus, Parthenopeus, and four other captains are the leaders of the forces assailing what city in a play by Aeschylus?
  5. The geometric objects depicted below are named for what thinker who discussed them in his work Timaeus?strivia198_2

  1. crossing the Rubicon
  2. Aristotle, Homer
  3. (Gaius Valerius) Catullus
  4. Thebes
  5. Plato