Marble League 2020 E11 Black Hole Funnel

This year, the JMRC has developed a new event for the Marble League: the Black Hole Funnel. It’s a test of endurance, rather than speed or finesse. Like an actual black hole, the funnel draws marbles toward its core, from which there is no escape. Loss is an inevitability; the only question is how long one can stave it off.1

Most marbles have no trouble just keeping on rolling. The real challenge is doing so without getting motion sick. Most marbles drop through the hole when they’re too dizzy to continue. Some, like the Crazy Cat’s Eyes and the Green Ducks, have enough experience whirling around that nausea is just a faint concern. Others, like the Mellow Yellow and the Minty Maniacs, are too used to smoothness to cope.

After two heats for each team, the Crazy Cat’s Eyes take the bronze, the Midnight Wisps finish with the silver, and the Savage Speeders get the gold.

Stray thoughts:

  • Kind of ironic for the Savage Speeders to win an endurance event, eh?
  • “In space, no one can hear you scream.” Is there something you’re not telling us, Greg?
  • I didn’t mention it above, but having a good entry into the funnel matters too. If you shoot off at an angle straight for the centre, you’re screwed.
  • The Tangerine Tricksters have stolen the top rank away from the Minty Maniacs yet again. Mellow Yellow remains in last place.

Stay tuned for the relay run on August 6th!

Complete stats for Marble League 2020 can be found at the Jelle’s Marble Runs Wiki.