Werewolf Rules (the Night Thread) – 07/25/2020

On this day, one year ago, an awkward, quiet guy with an Appa profile pic signed up to join his first ever Werewolf game here at the Avocado. He has been a recurring player since, having taken part in 14 games and counting.

If you haven’t played Werewolf here before, it’s highly recommended. The Avocado Werewolf gang is a very lovely bunch, and we always welcome new players. Even if it seems overwhelming (which it still is for me occasionally), everyone is there to have fun and good times, so you’ll be in good company no matter who you’re playing with. We’re currently in our 127th iteration of the game, and we’ve got new games with different themes happening every few weeks (including one that I made which you’ll likely see in a few months). If it seems like your thing, why not give it a go when signups for the next game come up?

This concludes my unofficial plug for Werewolf. Enjoy your night.