Weekly Japanese Pop Culture Thread (July 22, 2020)

Welcome to The Avocado’s weekly discussion of Japanese pop culture! I watched the first episode of Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice over the weekend, which made me want to fire up a new otome game, naturally. So I finally purchased the sequel to one of my favorites, Code: Realize ~ Guardian of Rebirth ~ developed by Otomate and available on PS Vita, PS4, and Switch. I was a little skeptical of this game when I first read about it because I’m not that into the steampunk aesthetic and prefer more realistic settings for visual novels, but it had such good reviews that I decided to give it a try a few months ago. And I absolutely loved it! Sure, it’s a little silly at times, but the protagonist is great, the story is compelling, and each route is unique and fun in it’s own way. It is perhaps unlikely that anyone reading this is looking for otome game recommendations, but if you are, this is currently my number one recommendation. Of course, if you have any recommendations of your own, I’d love to know!

And, as always…

What have you been watching/reading/playing/eating/listening to lately?

Happy Wednesday! 🙂