“Men II Boyz” American Dad! S17E13

Klaus drags the guys along to a wild bachelor party.

Klaus is getting married?!?!?!  Klaus is getting married.
Klaus also want a bachelor party and enlists Stan, Roger and Jeff to join him. Men only, so no Steve.


Klaus even has a Joe Rogan Bachelor party checklist for tonight’s festivities


They first go to whiskey tasting, axe throwing and a wind up at a  roadside BBQ joint.


They also get caught cheating at craps, which causes a fight to break out because that too is on Klaus’s list


This also lands them in fake casino prison , which they are able to escape from via 400 proof whiskey explosions.


On the run for their lives, they are hounded by hunting dogs.


Making a break for it with a truck lent from a friendly stranger, they make it to the wedding just in time


But this is no actual wedding.  Klaus is not getting married?!?!?

Instead, it’s a librarian’s funeral.  Klaus confesses that the wedding was called off months ago.  All he wanted was to have some friends to hang out with for the weekend.


It this the end of Klaus’s Boyz?  Not for long.  All Klaus wants it his Instant Pot back after the breakup,   which brings the boys back together for more action.


But Shoshanna actually misses Klaus and wants to get back together.  Unable to call the heist off, Roger makes off with the Instant Pot


Shoshanna wants nothing more to do with Klaus after this fiasco.





B Plot

While the men are away Francine and Hayley decide to play, by ordering a male stripper.  No boys allowed means Steve has to spend this time in his room.


But the stripper is a loser dumpy guy ,  aka Patton Oswald.  They try to get rid of him but he won’t leave.  He even brings his son since it’s his weekend with him


Son informs the ladies that the only way to get rid of him is for a dance off against his own brother.


Which he indeed does win.  But he charges them a double rate of $8 since there were 2 strippers involved

Grade : B+