30 Day Film Challenge Day 16: Your First Movie Crush

Coming of age in the 80s meant you got a wide range of actors and actresses that you could seriously crush on. While I was like a lot of my generation that totally crushed on Carrie Fisher in Return of the Jedi for obvious reasons, there were other films that really amped it up in a wholly different way. Mine ended up in two different forms that I ended up seeing out of theatrical order because I was just too young and only had video stores to work with in order to see certain films.

The 1984 film Karate Kid delivered what one might call at the time the All-American/California youthful ideal of attractive with Elisabeth Shue. Ther role was never really sexed up or anything but came across a lot more naturally than other teen movies of the time and that made a big difference. Shue has that something extra as well that made it work but it’s also explained a lot about why I still like certain 80s hairstyles.

The other one that I crushed on for different reasons was Rebecca De Mornay from Risky Business, which set me to finding every film she was in for the longest time. That film still holds a very different power over me in terms of crushing.