Werewolf 127 – Fire Emblem Three Houses: Signups

Part I: White Clouds.

The gates open, revealing a brick built, lightly tanned castle-like complex. There are pegasus riders floating above your heads and armored riders feeding horses at the stable to your left. In front of you on a balcony, a woman with green eyes and hair, her head draped in jewelry and flowers, gives you all a faint smile.

“Welcome to Garreg Mach Monastery, students,” She says, “I am Lady Rhea, Archbishop of the Church of Seiros.”

“But first, you must pick a house… and meet your new professors.”

Two figures in black armor, one man and one woman, emerge from the balcony. Both have seaweed blue hair and crisp blue eyes. Each carry a sword that looks brittle and ancient, but sharp at the same time. They both smile at you all.

“Let the lesson begin!” They say together.



24 Players

15 Students (VT) – Just ordinary folk, trying to get an education… in WAR. Only ability is to vote during the day.

1 Armored Knight (Jailer) – Your armor will become a fortress. Can’t jail themself or jail the same person twice in a row

1 Monk (Investigator) – Your wisdom knows no bounds. Able to investigate one target once per night.

1 Archer (Vigilante) – You’re on your way to becoming a top sniper! Has three shots. Shots will not go through if jailed or blocked.

4  Mercenaries (Wolves) – You’ll do anything for gold, including messing with your classmates. Only ability is one night kill per night. Will be read as “Merc” if investigated.

1 Brigand (Wolf Roleblocker) – Your muscles will stop people from doing anything! Can’t block the same person twice in a row or themself. Will be read as “Merc” if investigated.

1 Trickster (SK) – Your goal is to hide in the shadows and cause as much unrest and panic as possible. Has one night kill per night. Will be read as “Trickster” if investigated.

Rules and Guidelines

RP is optional, but appreciated for fun activities!

Do NOT Screenshot or quote directly from your QT. This will result in an instant mod kill.

Do NOT edit or delete any posts.

Feel free to use your QT as much or as little as you please. Sometimes it helps to think out loud. Also, if you ever want or need to chat about non game related stuff, we’d be happy to lend an ear!

Do not belittle other players for their choices or reasoning. Attack arguments, not people. We will step in and give a warning if others tell me they’re uncomfortable, or when we think you crossed a line.

You must make at least three posts for day. If you’re in a situation where you think you can’t reach that requirement, try to let us know. We can work something out! 🙂

This isn’t a rule per-say, but we discourage using emotional appeals as arguments. We don’t want people to feel guilty for their votes or something like that.

Only votes are allowed in the vote thread. No GIFS or off topic replies. Keep that stuff somewhere else.

There will be EVENTS every game day. These will be simple and give you the opportunity to gain points for your house (non game related) and Support Conversations.

We will explain what you get from support conversations during the game.

Players and Houses

Black Eagles

1. Ralph – Todd

2. Jude – Dark Willow

3. Spooky – Spooky with a Sword

4. Library Lass – Anna

5. Hoho – Sparkly Possum

6. Owen – Darius Emmanuel Grouch III.

7. Goat –  Bernadetta

8. Otakunomike – Mia


Blue Lions

1. Stoneheart – Denning

2. Sic Humor – Smokey Bear Forest Ranger

3. Jake – Cranky Kong

4. malthusc – Balthier

5. Gramps – Pikachu

6. Wasp – Princess Lalette von Leonsberg

7. Nuka – Capybara

8. Snugs – Mitsuru Kirijo


Golden Deer

1. Jam – Marianne von Edmund

2. April – Eddie the Golden Eagle

3. MSD – Maple

4. Lutair – Balthus

5. Lamb – Renly Baratheon

6. Tiff – Tiffany Aching

7. Donalbain – Darrell Rivers

8. Side Character – Kyo


  1. Colonel Mustard


And yes, this is a Grumproro and dw co-production! 🙂