Revenge of the Simpsons Quote Conversation Challenge

Back by … well, “popular demand” would be a lie … back by a random whim of mine, it’s the Simpsons Quote Conversation Challenge!

The object of the game is simple: to see how long we can carry on a (semi-)intelligible conversation using only quotes from The Simpsons.

The idea isn’t just to post a bunch of Simpsons quotes we find funny, but to have each comment make sense as a response to the comment before it. For example, if one person says, “You must find the Jade Monkey before the next full moon”, someone else could respond, “I suggest a lengthy, inefficient search. At the taxpayers’ expense, of course.” A third person could then reply, “We have searched every square inch of this base, and all we have found is porno, porno, porno!”

What do you say? Anyone want to take up this incredibly nerdy challenge?