Denzel: Round One

As we leave the oeuvre of One Time Oscar Winner, let’s meet our next contender, TWO time Oscar Winner Denzel Washington.

One of our most consistent box office stars, Denzel has been giving intense, exciting work since the mid 80’s and his first significant work, St. Elsewhere (which got enough points to be our first ever NON-Movie Competitor, and it’s on HULU.)  Congratulations, Doctors (and Wear a Mask!)

We went through the nominations over the long possibly Holiday weekend, and we now have our top 32 contenders.    And there were some surprises among the top vote getters, like the little discussed Mississippi Masala and He Got Game getting more votes than some of his Really Big Hits, like Remember the Titans and American Gangster.

But will that continue?  I can already see some possible upsets in this first round.  Let’s find out, shall we?