Dating, Relationships, and Sex: Unrequited Feelings (07/08/2020)

You’re happily miserably chugging along through college, dealing with all the usual nonsense and stress which make college life the fucking worst period in somebody’s life (not enough money for the good drugs, indentured servitude no spare time because exams and reports, next week’s orgy got postponed indefinitely due to the pandemic — oh, was that just me?). One fateful day, you’re studying with your friends for the next test about how painting an elephant pink will make the sun explode into four potatoes calculus and — BOOM — your stomach suddenly starts feeling all fluttery and weird around one of them. One of your friends, I mean, not the elephants or potatoes.

Only of course they don’t feel the same (and neither do the elephants or the potatoes) because that’s not how life works and why would anyone have feelings for you anyway and * insert uncontrollable sobbing * ? No, I totally have absolutely no baggage from ten years ago or whatever (oh God, I’m old), why do you ask? No, of course not. That would be silly. Most silly.

Aaaanyway, right: Unrequited feelings! Hooray … question mark?

  • Ever had them?
  • Did they know? If so, did they figure it out themselves, or were they told?
  • Did they leave you as emotionally crippled as they did me? Uh, wait, no, I’m totally fine, I promise.
  • Ever have somebody have them for you?
  • Are you still in touch with the person you had feelings for/the person who had feelings for you? Or both of them? No, wait, that’s a different scenario.

As always, anything else related to dating, relationships, intimacy and so on is fair game and welcome.

And of course, as usual: This is supposed to be a space to talk about intimacy and sex and relationships in safety, so don’t shame people for their kinks. But please also refrain from objectification and similarly problematic behavior. People are supposed to feel safe and comfortable here.

Have fun!